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Build Customer Loyalty From That First Touch Point

Technology is often discussed among loyalty marketers as an integral way to magnify customer engagement, customer experience, and customer loyalty. But, technology can also have a counter-productive effect. Loyalty360 caught up with Kristin Luck, who is an adviser at...

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Top 40 Predictions About Insights & Analytics for 2017

There are themes that run through all of these, mainly about the continuing disruption brought by technology to our space, but also about the impact of perceived failures in polling accuracy, changes in consumer behavior, economic factors, and evolving business...

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Confessions of a Serial Storyteller – The Sequel

Though she’d never admit it, growth strategist and business consultant Kristin Luck is a rock star in the market research world. Her jam, besides helping propel companies to exponential growth, is engaging audiences through storytelling. She’s leveraged her...

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Measurement Trends For 2016

The New Year is upon us, and with it, a rash of predictions about what the next 12 months will bring for the research industry, often with little accuracy. I was relieved to see that no industry analysts predicted 2016 to be the “year of mobile”….again. Rather than...

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