The Growth Collective

The Growth Collective is a Mastermind series that connects entrepreneurs gunning for their next big breakthrough (or exit) with unparalleled access to connection, contribution, and collaboration opportunities with likeminded peers.

Whether you’re trying to make it to $1M or $100M there’s a Growth Collective for you.

Launch (Less than $1M in revenue)

Eighty five percent of all solo businesses fail within the first year. And according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), there’s a 50% chance your business will fail in the first five years. Only 3% of female founders make it to $1M in revenue. So what can entrepreneurs do to maximize the chances that their businesses will succeed? This Collective is all about overcoming internal obstacles like self-doubt and fear, and external obstacles like poor positioning, marketing and sales that can stop you from achieving your dream.


You’ve beaten the odds and made it past $1M. Now you need to scale, scale, scale! This Collective maps the strategy that will optimize your business and grow it 10 fold while providing field tested resources and guidance to save you from chasing your tail.

Payload (Exit!)

It’s time to look at the end game. You’re profitable, you’ve scaled and now you’re looking for your big payday in the next 12 to 36 months. This Collective focuses on driving growth while maximizing profitability and actively focusing on the activities that will drive a high valuation.


If you’re a Founder interested in participating in The Growth Collective, please submit an application via the link below. Each Collective consists of 4-6 Founders in non-competitive businesses and is carefully curated to ensure the overall success of the group.


What clients say

Working with Kristin has been hugely impactful for our business.

Dave Carruthers

CEO & Founder, Voxpopme

Kristin was able to quickly identify untapped opportunities for growth at a time when my business was in tremendous flux.

Crystal Rutland

CEO & Founder, Particle Design

Every time we talk, I’m blown away by Kristin’s ability to cast a wide net and swiftly hone in on the weak links. And in short order. Her super power is discernment. From the 40,000 foot perspective to wheels on the ground, with Kristin there is no time wasted getting to the crux.

Bree McKeen

CEO & Founder, Evelyn & Bobbie

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