In The Press

Kristin Luck Launches “ScaleHouse” and Expands Services For Guiding Marketing and Analytics Companies Through Growth’
Press Release, April, 2019

Bretcha and Luck ‘to Lead ESOMAR in 2019-20’
Press Release, November, 2018

Measure Protocol Engages Kristin Luck As An Advisor
Press Release, October, 2018

Canvs Adds Marketing Measurement Pioneer Kristin Luck To Board of Advisors
Press Release, June 2018

Dexter And Luck On Mesh Advisory Team
Press Release, March 2018

InsightsNow Adds Growth Strategist Kristin Luck to Board of Directors
Press Release, October 2017

Kristin Luck Rebrands Consultancy, Advances Holistic Growth Strategy
Press Release, October 2016

P2Sample Engages Growth Consultant Kristin Luck
Market Research Bulletin, February 2016

Futuring Friday
Festival of New MR, February 2016

Women and Funding Revisited with Kristin Luck
CEO Coach, January 2016

Interview with 2015 NGMR Award Winners
Research Insighter, December 2015

Lenny Murphy discusses consumer insight industry trends with Kristin Luck
Virtual Incentives, October 2015

Driving Forward with Purpose: A Q&A with Kristin Luck
Lightspeed GMI Blog, October 2015

#MRX and Gender Equality: Kristin Luck’s Motivation for Change
Lightspeed GMI Blog, October 2015

The Top 100 Market Research Influencers on Twitter
FlexMR, September 2015

Marketing Evolution’s new Apple iWatch app
Research Business Daily Report, July 2015

Advancing Women in Research: An Interview with Kristin Luck
Media Village, May 2015

Growth Hacking Interview with Research Business Daily Report
Research Business Daily Report, April 2015

Growth Hacking with Kristin Luck
NewMR Webinar, March 2015

One for Luck: Kristin Goes Solo
MRWeb, March 2015

Interview with Research Business Daily Report
Research Business Daily Report, February 2015

What is it Really Like to Sell Your Company?
Webmaster Radio, January 2015

The Power of the Individual Brand in Generating Awareness, Trust and Long Term Revenue
NextGen Market Research Blog, January 2015

Confessions of a Serial Storyteller
Dialsmith Blog, December 2014

Crowdfunding To Narrow The Gender Gap in Venture Capital
Forbes, November 2014

What An MBA Can Do For You & What You Can Do For Yourself
Fast Company, July 2014

My Take On Social Media
#NewMR Blog, June 2014

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