Scaling sales is the number one challenge most businesses face, and the least discussed. Whether you face challenges driving lead generation, responding to incoming leads, staffing a sales team, or determining sales compensation, sales likely takes up more brain space that you may like to admit. In truth though, we often make sales much harder than it has to be.

Although I work as a growth strategist with a focus on sales and marketing strategy, I don’t come from a traditional sales background. I haven’t attended any formal sales training, I’m not “Sandler certified” and I wouldn’t call myself a “sales person.” So how have my startups and business ventures achieved such success, largely without any sort of formalized sales team in place?  Often, as owners or managers, we get so focused on the idea of a formalized sales team that we miss the basics behind what DRIVES sales – marketing the brand. Brand awareness and brand loyalty are key sales drivers.

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